On-site childcare is a game-changing HR initiative with unmatched ROI considering savings in attrition, employee welfare costs and long-term loyalty from working parents. Read more on how Corporate Childcare helps, on (format following matter, refer appendix for exact text)
-94% percents say that work-site child care would affect their decision to make a job change.

-23 % of parents have actually turned down or not pursued a potential job change because of lack of worksite child care.
-For 91% of women, access to on-site child care was important in their decision to come back to work with their present employer.
-90% say that access to work-site child care positively impacts their ability to successfully concentrate impacts their ability to successfully concentrate on the job and be productive.

-86% reported that in the previous six months, back-up  care enabled them to work on a day they otherwise would not have been able to; on average, back-upcare enabled them to them to work six days during that time.
-In the US, the largest employers estimate that unscheduled absenteeism costs their businesses more than $760,000 p.a. in direct payroll costs. family issues account for 22% of all unscheduled absences the second leading cause after personal illness.

-59% missed work in the year due to breakdowns in child or elder care.

-Child care users saved an average of 10 work days.

Little Big World's survey of over 5000 + working couples across India indicates corporate childcare is a growing and pressing concern that needs customised solution.

Little Big World already runs multiple on-site childcare centres for Cummins India Ltd. and is open to in-house contracts across multiple cities.
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